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Chekad Smart Home

Chekad Smart Home was established in the field of construction industry in 2012 through the efforts made by several Iranian experienced professionals, with the aim of implementing industrial and building automation systems, optimizing energy consumption in official and residential complexes, making residential units smart, providing automatic parking garages, and designing and implementing industrial automation projects supported by professionals’ technical knowledge about designing and running these systems according to national requirements.
The company has continued its activities by establishing knowledge-based centers in the Faculties of Engineering by the help of Iranian professors and intelligent students, and thereby proceeded to design Smart Home and BMS knowledge-based equipment including different types of touch keys with various applications, relays required in smartization, innovative solutions to optimize power consumption in buildings, and innovative solutions for security systems of liquid fuel and CNG stations.
Fortunately, the company has succeeded to achieve these objectives and has increasing progress in its beginning years of activity. It also attempts to make its brand popular globally by manufacturing domestic products in the field of building and industrial automation.

Experience the future now with us.

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Building Intelligence Projects

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Industrial automation

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