Parking management system

It is an honor to announce that the company uses the equipment of Schick Company of Swiss – one of the most popular companies of equipping parking lots with management systems – to manage the parking lots.

With over 40 years of experience in the field of parking management systems, Schick Electronic Company of Swiss is known as the pioneer company in the world, and has completed more than 400,000 parking equipping projects all over the world.

It should be mentioned that designing and manufacturing of all Schick pieces are thoroughly accomplished in Swiss.

A great revolution in residential parking management system

Schick Company has made a great revolution in residential parking management with its system and equipment. While drivers can easily and quickly find a parking space, operators exploit a very efficient system and powerful and effective tools of parking management. It is also profitable for parking lot owners.

Relying on our 40 years of experience and increasing advancements, we have attempted to take the lead in the technology of parking management system industry in the world.

Advantages of using car navigation equipment are as follows:

  • More profitability
  • Parking capacity optimization
  • Supervision cost reduction (exact number of vehicles)
  • Significant reduction of pollutants (exhaust emissions from vehicles)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Energy consumption reduction (ventilation, lighting, etc.)
  • Detection and identification of vehicles parked for more than the determined time period (supervision on “parking for long hours”)
  • Preparation of statistical reports on an hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly, and annually basis
  • Constant supervision on the system’s proper performance

Parking Guidance System

A parking guidance system is installed in different sections of a parking lot, and each system has a special sensor and an LED light on the sensor. These sensors detect the presence of a vehicle, and send their information to the central computer through a communication network. The central computer processes the received data, and immediately presents the path guidance information to drivers. By choosing their path based on floor, area, etc. through dynamic navigation using an arrow-shaped indicator, drivers are guided all the time toward their final destination and the parking spot. The system indicates the closest parking spot, and drivers are able to find a parking spot in the shortest time possible and the quickest path. LED light colors show the status of parking spots.

Advantages of residential parking management system for drivers include:

  • Car navigation from the parking entrance
  • Large digital display (visible up to 100 meters)
  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • Reduction of car depreciation (tires, clutch, break)
  • Increasing vehicles density in case of traffic
  • Significant time saving
  • Easy guidance procedure, calmness, and prevention of stress
  • Traffic fluidity

سیستم مدیریت پارکینگ های مسکونی - Parking management system

Residential parking management system – parking management system

Equipment of residential parking management system


New detector SP2-115

SIGNALS + SENSOR in front of the parking entrance door

Equipped with two receiver and sender systems – multiple LEDs with different colors, and parked car detection

New detector SP2 115 - Parking management system

Detector SP2-114W

It has a sensor which notifies that the vehicle is entering the parking spot.

The system is equipped with an ultrasonic sender and a receiver. It also has an advanced Flex-type LED Finger indicator which increases visibility to identify unoccupied parking spots in the whole parking lot.

Detector SP2 114W - Parking management system


Detector SP2-114

SIGNALS + SENSOR over the vehicle

The system is equipped with an ultrasonic sender and a receiver and has an indicator LED light.

Detector SP2 114 - Parking management system

Signal-Park System

Smart identification of unoccupied parking spots right on the moment; presentation of graphical information with dynamic signs which makes the process of finding unoccupied parking spots more efficient, so that the customers are directly guided to the parking spot right from the parking entrance door.

Schick Electronic SA Company is always improving and developing a great range of its products in order to optimize parking costs and even adjust the equipment with its architectural limitations, so that it can offer better services to all customers.

Signal Park System - Parking management system