Niligo Smart Lighting

Experience the smart lighting by state-of-the-art systems of Niligo Company.

The brand name is taken from Esperanto language. “Ni” means we and “ligo” means linkage and the general meaning is We link. The company is currently working technically on smart lighting.

The Internet of Things

Near future world is a world in which all things and processes can speak and interact with each other and have exchange. They will transmit imperativeor declarative data.

In other words, instead of living in your own house, you live with your own house.

Our products

In the great industry of the Internet of Things, we stepped into the building smart lighting industries and manufactured a smart controller for LED light sources. The product made using different sciences of computer, electronics, power, and mechanics is able to control all lights in terms of their types, dimensions, applications, and power. It is manufactured based on hardware, but developed based on software, and its connection is through WiFi. After being connected to the building’s WiFi, its software can be manipulated, and since it is open-source, it can be controlled and programmed by programmers.

روشنایی هوشمند نیلیگو - Niligo Smart Lighting