House and building smartization

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August 8, 2019
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House and building smartization

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Security systems in smart homes have had great progress in recent years. If you compare Artin smart security system with traditional security systems, it can be observed that traditional security systems have confusing panels and limited capabilities. Security systems in smart homes are safer, more applicable, and more suitable. Using smart technologies of today, you can experience more options and higher safety than before in your house.

A smart security system which is part of the house and building smartization systems can make you informed of your house security status from anywhere at any time using a mobile app, a smart and advanced system, and many connected devices. It is not exaggerated if we state that smart security systems change your attitude towards your home.

If you need a new security system or if you wish to have a fully smart home, we provide you with 6 reasons to use Artin smart security systems:

  1. Always active

It is not an efficient smart security system merely for emergencies. Traditional security systems operated only when you had activated them. In this case, when somebody entered the house, the security system was activated, though with lots of errors. A security system in a smart home operates 24 hours a day. This smart system makes you informed of your house status immediately through SMS and the Internet. You will even be informed if the security system is deactivated. Alarming systems make you aware of the time your children arrive at home. Moreover, you will be informed if a door or window is opened or even if the drawer of your valuable stuff is opened.

Smart security system

When an unexpected event occurs, smart home security systems take care of your house. First, several warnings are sent to you via SMS. You can thereby find out whether there has been a fire or burglar in the house or anything else. These SMSs can also be sent to the building guard or your neighbours, thus the security of your house is amplified. You can take the required actions based on this SMS.

  1. Easier use

New smart security systems are installed as wireless in the house or anywhere else, and this makes their installation and operation much easier. Being alert and protecting your stuff is very simple. Wireless closed-circuit cameras and wireless sensors can quickly integrate with your building smartization system and increase the security. By utilizing building smartization systems, everything is connected to your mobile phone and easy to use. You can be aware of what is happening in your house at any time.

  1. Ranked as perfect and professional

Unlike many simple, traditional smart systems, smart security systems are developed merely to increase the security and safety of your house, and much time has been spent on their manufacturing. These systems are installed and launched by professional, skillful installers and will protect your house 24 hours a day. Always use professional installers and programmers to set up and launch these smart systems.

  1. Higher security

Security systems in smart homes provide us with higher security and safety using enhanced technologies. Connection of the whole equipment has protected these smart security systems against problems and enhanced them. For example, if the system power is out, you will be informed by smart systems.

Furthermore, these systems help you get informed of your house status in case someone enters your home by breaking a door or window. Smart security systems and their advanced technology safeguard your house in the most dangerous and critical conditions.

  1. Remote controllability

One of the main problems of traditional security systems was that house owners sometimes forgot to activate the security system when leaving their home. In traditional security systems, it was impossible to activate the security system when you had left the house. Security systems in smart homes have resolved this problem by remote controllability. Now you can activate or deactivate your house security system using your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Moreover, if you use smart locks and smart automatic doors at your home, you can handle and monitor the security of your house from anywhere in the world.

  1. It makes all your house smart

In addition to enhancing security and safety, smart homes have another useful feature: building smartization systems allow you to use all of your house appliances. Using a building smartization system, you can control your smart thermostat, smart lighting systems, closed-circuit cameras, parking automatic doors, etc. through a mobile app. Here is where a smart home can have the best efficiency for you.

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